Complete Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Griller with 4 wheels.

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There are four different packages for optional as below

Standard Package 1:  BBQ smoker + Shield Cover, S/S 1.0mm, N/W: 48kg

Standard Package 2:  BBQ smoker + Shield Cover+Ice Bottle, S/S 1.5mm, N/W: 70kg

Luxury Package: 1: BBQ smoker + Shield Cover, S/S 1.0mm, N/W: 48kg

Luxury Package 2:  BBQ smoker + Shield Cover+Ice Bottle, S/S 1.5mm, N/W: 70kg


Materias: Stainless steel #304 food grade (1.0mm/1.5mm for different packages)

Surface treatment: well polished

Whole size: 143*53*115cm

Cooking area: 69.5x44.5cm

Available for: Villa, Backyard, Courtyard, Terrace, and Garden


Packing: in carton + polystyrene of one piece each

GW/NW (accessories not included):

Standard: 55/48 KGS

Luxury: 86/78 KGS



- anti rusty and corrosion ressistant

- Luxury and Rollaway
- cute design
- Color: white
Suggested order quantity:
The above price is based on Required Order Quantity (ROQ) of 30pcs. If you need to order more or less than the above ROQ, please contact us through email to


1. Weight and size: the products weight and size are measured manually, and with or without accessories coming, so there might be a little more or less than its actuality.
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5. Payment term: 30% after order confirmed, and balance against order completion before shipment (for FCL order only)

DS-33, Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Smoker

Packages Option
  • RQO requires 30pcs. We also accept small order. If you order more or less than ROQ, please Contact Us. We will get back to you ASAP.