Please choose any of the following to pay for your order

(Warm Reminder: Payment through accounts of No. 1 or No. 2 will enjoy 5% discount for the ordered product value, excluding shipping cost and/or VAT) 

No. 1.Payment One: from bank to bank (Strongly recommended)

Please remit to:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited New York Branch


Swift Code: ICBKUS33

(FED ABA: 026014591, CHIPS ABA: 1459)


For credit to

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Provincial Branch



Beneficiary's Name: LIU SHI CHAO

Beneficiary's Account No.: 6222 0812 0800 6860 469

Beneficiary's Address: Dongyang City, Zhejiang China

Beneficiary's Phone No.: +86-135 0659 7855

No. 2. Payment Two: from bank to bank (recommended)

Receiving Bank:         BANK OF CHINA, JINHUA BRANCH 

Bank Add:                   No.59, Double-stream Street(W), Jinhua, 321017, Zhejiang, P.R. China 

Swift code:                  BKCHCNBJ92H 

Beneficiary's Name:  LIU SHICHAO 

Account No.:               4518 1300 1880 4214 68

Beneficiary's Phone No.: 135 0659 7855

No. 3. Payment three: through Paypal. 

Simply click the below link and send your payment through Paypal online

Beneficiary's Phone No.: 135 0659 7855

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