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SD1-Children's Electric Go Kart

700W(350W*2) dual motor driven electric track go karts for children's karting club

Model No.: SD-1
External dimension: 1544mm×902mm×769mm
"Tire type: Vacuum
Tire/Front Tire 90×5.5-6 Rear Tire 90×5.5-6"
Net weight: 45KG Pitch: 101cm
Max Load: 80KG
Front track: 66cm
Ground height: 8cm
The wheelbase: 98
Front track: 66cm
Rear wheel: 6 "hub motor wheel
Wheel hub: Front wheel: 6 "aluminum hub
Seat chair: adjustable front and back
Start mode: accelerator pedal start
Transmission mode: hub motor drive
Braking mode: one drag two mechanical disc brake
Top speed: 35KM/H
Forward speed: 7.2km/h; 22km/h ;35km/h
Reversing speed: 5km/h
Battery type: standard 48V10Ah lithium battery
Electrical machine: 48V left 350W right 350W brushless motor
Packing method: iron frame + carton
Controller: 48V left 350W right 350W communication start
Continue navigation: 30 km
Packing size: 159×104×60CM

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