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What are your main products?
How can I quickly find the product(s) I need?
How about your delivery time and shipping?
What about your sample policy?
How can I select a product and quantities?
How can I pay for my order
Warranty and return policy

What are your main products?
Tycentre is an established manufacturer for scooters and bikes since 2003 and BBQ products in 2018. We are focusing on family powersports and home decor BBQ grill products. We are also authorized to represent other products like PPE, Treadmills from our partners. Please head to About Us for more

How can I quickly find the product(s) I need?

There are two ways for you to find the products you need to view.

1. if you know a product, for example, of charcoal barbecue grills, you can move your mouse on the menu of "BBQ Grill" ,and click on the sub-pages of Charcoal BBQ Grill. (For mobile app, simply touch the main menu on the right of the top and find the sub-pages of each product catalogues)

2. You can also search a product or service from the box of "search in this site" by inputting any of the content like product name, model number, etc, and press Enter. Our system will find all the relative contents from the site, so you can choose any of the closest matches from the "Search Result"​​


What about delivery time and shipping

1. Delivery is usually preceded in 7-15 working days after order confirmed. All orders placed online, if not required otherwise, will be carried out as below.

  • Shipping rate is collected based on 1x20'GP CIF POD, so please choose the quantity accordingly to our ROQ (Recommended Order Quantity)

  • If selected product(s) quantities are more than 1x20'GP, the buyer will either pick up the remaining products at our store or payment extra  cost arising from shipping of the remaining products.

  • The container will be shipping the sea port closest to your given address, so make sure to leave your address online correctly.

  • VAT is automatically collected and added to your order based on CFR  POD.

How about your sample policy

This site is for wholesale of B2B service, but we can supply most of our products as a sample. So please make sure to contact us if you need a sample.

1. When a product is available for a sample, we will make an offer for sample cost along with delivery charges. Buyers need to pay all the costs arising from the sample and dispatch.

2. All the costs of the above sample(s) are refundable from us when a buyer places 1X40'HQ order in 30 days after the date of sample receipt.(Delivery cost excluded)

How can I select a product and quantities ?

On the right of the Product Page, the information are listed streamly as Product Name, Price Label, Color (not for all products), Wholesale Quantity (prices are different based on selected quantities), Buyer's remarks input, Quantity and Add to cart button.  If you are interested in a product, simply follow the steps below to proceed your order.

Step 1:You need to choose a color if there are color options. You can choose only one color at a time. If you need different color(s) for the same product, you will need to repeat from Step 1 to Step 5. (or you can select a total quantities, and input your request in Step 3). 

Step 2: Click the quantity box under "Please select wholesale quantity below" and choose the quantities from drop-down menu. (the prices are different based on quantities you choose. )

Step 3: If you have any other request for your shopping with this product, you can add your comments under the field with title "Make sure to change the quantity not less than 200, and then click Add to Cart or Check Out button, (optional)"

Step 4: Do remember to change the quantity same as or not less than you have done in Step 2.

Step 5: After you finish the above, check your order again. If it's right, then click Add to cart button. (you can continue for shopping or Check out


Payment terms and How can I pay for my order?

There are the following payment options for buyers of different order.

1. Payment through T/T,

  • An order less than full container(LCL order), 100% advance prepaid. 

  • FCL order, 30% prepaid as deposit after order confirmed and balance paid after order completion before shipment.

2. For payment online through Paypal, all is required 100% prepaid.


We strongly recommend to send your payment through T/T from bank bank account. Please click this link for Bank Account information. (An order based on FCL  will get 5% off for total product(s) amount if paid  through T/T.)


3. You can also choose to pay through Paypal online by clicking the link below

Warm Reminder: please remember to send us payment slip when you finish your  payment so that we can arrange your order immediately. 

Quality Warranty & Return Policy?

All products purchased from our store, either online or offline will be granted for Buyers' Warranty up to 12 months after purchase.  Both quality products and defective products can be returned and/or refunded without any reason(s). For detailed Return Policy, please click here for more.

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